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Much consideration has been given to the NBA this year

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In the last episode, if a player wants to go from being a beginner to an icon, it will require a lot of time to develop the skills, and some time to earn enough respect to enter the city of basketball NBA MT Coins. The brief note about the upgrade process of "2K21" is still fresh in my brain. For this segment of MyCareer it's much more straightforward. Players have moved to live in the city from the beginning.

They only need to slowly discover the people and things in the body. each season has a new way to improve progress, and it can be improved as early as level 1. From level 1 to 40. In terms of secondary missions, the game offers a fascinating "weekly event". Every week, there will be a new track in the city of basketball.

Players need to use various methods of transportation, such as a portable skateboard and require a Roller Blade. Cycles, a bicycle, or even Kart to finish the race at the speed of light. In racing, cycling, and more, in the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S cross-platform race, the fastest winner will receive One million VC.

For the player who does not finish in the first place will also be awarded such things as MVP points VC, and points of experience. . The first season of "2K22" the biggest event is Chips Ahoy! In the weekend competition, the winning player can also get the sum of 1 million VC!

The professional expert rocker shooting system that had a high level of difficulty in the first episode was struggled to master even the character who was featured as the cover Dame Buy NBA 2K22 MT. Of course, the manufacturer heard the opinions of the participants and changed to a brand new system for shooting in "NBA 2K22" and mentioned that it could be among the 2K versions of the past.



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