Maria Ceja, a volunteer with the SAAS advocate subcommittee and an advocate for short sleeve cycling jerseys Tenants United Santa Ana, notes that Santa Ana has the highest poverty rate in Orange County. “I really admire the recognition of that intersectional class struggle,” she says of Santa Ana Active Streets. “They don’t expect the community to come to them – they go to the community.”

Irene Cabañas, president of the Willard Neighborhood Association as well as a SAAS volunteer, has fostered collaboration between both groups to write grants and bring programs to her neighborhood. “One thing that SAAS does that’s innovative is really put the volunteer first,” she says. “That full 360 volunteer experience I think is what makes SAAS strong and different from other groups that I’ve seen.”

You might call the SAAS model “slow advocacy.” “road bike jerseys I like to think how we try to do it is knowing our limitations but also challenging ourselves to not rush the nature of partnership building or relationship building,” Fortin says. SAAS seeks partnerships with other community road bike jerseys organizations to bridge language barriers and build solidarity.